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House Key Plus Seattle

Helping first-time homebuyers who desire to purchase within the city limits of Seattle.

House Key Plus Seattle DPA (Downpayment Assistance Program) is an outstanding second loan program designed for people living within the city limits of Seattle.  House Key Plus Seattle combines with the Home Advantage first mortgage program.  If you are thinking about purchasing a home within the city limits of Seattle and want to lower your monthly home mortgage payment as much as possible, then consider House Key Plus Seattle as a second mortgage loan option.  Washington Housing Association teaches the benefits of House Key Plus Seattle program in our homebuyer educational course.

Housing Academy

How to Apply

1. Your first step is to attend a free homebuyer education class.  Washington Housing Association will educate you on the process of purchasing a home in the state of Washington. No solicitation is allowed in the classroom. Your information is not sold or distributed. At the end of your class you will receive a certificate that is valid for two years and is a requirement of the House Key Plus Seattle program.

2. After the homebuyer educational course a loan officer will coordinate your pre-approval.  All of your loan options will be presented at this time.  How much you qualify for will be answered.  E-mail us if you have any questions regarding our preferred loan officers.

3. At this point you should either have a pre-approval or at least instructions on what you steps you must complete in order to obtain one. The key principles that you learned in the homebuyer seminar now start to pay off! Your real estate professional and loan officer will coordinate the process of locating, financing and closing on your new home.

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House Key Plus Seattle allows up to $45,000 in down payment assistance with a 3% interest rate.  The payments are differed for 30-years!  This makes House Key Plus Seattle a desirable second mortgage loan option.

There is shared appreciation required for the first 9-years, and due to federal guidelines, the home must not have been occupied by a tenant within 90 days of the purchase and sale agreement.  You must be a first-time homebuyer.  In addition, the property you are purchasing must be your principal residence and owner-occupied.  A first-time homebuyer is someone who has not owned a home anytime in the past three years. 

You must attend a free homebuyer seminar.  All of our homebuyer educational classes are 5-hours long and are sponsored by Washington State Housing Finance Commission.  At the end of our homebuyer seminar you will receive a certificate that is valid for two years.  Online Homebuyer Educational classes will not meet the seminar requirements for this program. 

Maximum Income Limits (as of 1/1/13)

To be eligible for House Key Plus Seattle, your household income must not exceed these limits [# in household: annual income]:

 1: $45,000 2: $51,550 3: $58,000 4: $64,400
 5: $69,600 6: $74,750 7: $79,900 8: $85,050

Maximum Purchase Price (as of 8/23/13)

Existing Construction home limit is $261,000

New Construction home limit $285,000

Further guidelines may apply.  Please e-mail us or call 425-390-INFO for more information regarding the House Key Plus Seattle program.