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Down payment money is the biggest obstacle in making the transition from renter to homeowner.  Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or sophisticated real estate investor, managing your savings can be an exhausting task.  Many homebuyers are not aware of the opportunity to receive downpayment help.  Washington Housing Association has spent years researching some of the best options when it comes to downpayment assistance programs (DPA).  On this page we have compiled a list of some of the best DPA programs in Washington State.  However, some lending institutions may not offer, or participate in, DPA programs.  It is important for you to educate yourself on all of the financing options available to you.  Read more about these programs below, or contact us if you have any further questions.
Washington State Homebuyer Downpayment Assistance

Helping you finance a home of your own! 

Home Advantage DPA

Combines with Home Advantage First Mortgage program. 

Home Advantage Rebound

For purchasing a bank owned, foreclosure or short sale property.

House Key Plus Arch East King County

Purchasing a home or condominium within an ARCH member city or surrounding unincorporated East King County ARCH area.

House Key Veterans

Veterans who have served our country.

House Key Schools

For teachers and employees that are working for an educational institution that is accredited or recognized by the state of Washington.

HomeChoice DPA

Designed for people with a disability or a family member living with them.

House Key Plus Seattle

Designed for people living within the city limits of Seattle.

Washington Down Payment Options