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We've broken down the home buying process into seven chapters. Each chapter is important and was specifically designed to help guide you through the home buying process; which includes how to obtain financing.  We will discuss what you should embrace and avoid when purchasing a home, and an overview of the affordable housing programs.  Below is a brief outline of what will be discussed in our class.  ​Purchasing a home is not an easy process.  Washington Housing Association is homebuyer education.  We recommend that you attend our homebuyer seminar before you make an offer on your home. 

Chapter Seven

*The Fourth Step to Owning a Home

*Standard Protection

*The Fifth Step to Owning a Home

*Common Mistake #9

*The Sixth Step to Owning a Home

*Tactics to Use

​*Common Mistake #10

Chapter Six

*Common Mistake #6

*When You Snooze, You Lose

*Common Mistake #7

*The Third Step to Owning a Home

​*Common Mistake #8

*Seller's Compensation

Chapter Five

*The Second Step to Owning a Home

*Tricks and Methods When Searching for a    Home

*Common Mistake #5

*Buying New Construction

*What They Don't Want You to Know

*The Old Ways

*Timely Notice

​*Window-shopping Methods

Chapter Four 

*Financing Your Home

*Common Mistake #4

*Cast of Characters

*Pre-Qualifications vs. Pre-Approvals

*Credit Scores

*Income, Debt and Ratio

*Loan Programs and DPA Programs 

*Avoid Getting Ripped Off: Good Faith    Estimates

Chapter Three

*Agency Laws

*The Horror of Dual Agency

*Ego and Greed

*Real Estate Websites

*Common Mistake #3

*The First Step to Owning a Home

Chapter Two

*Odd Marketing Used to Deceive You

*Methods Used to Collect Information

*Managing Brokers and Real Estate Agents

*Common Mistake #2

*How Real Estate Brokers Are Compensated 

Chapter One

*The Market: Past and Present Conditions

*Same Price, Better Home

*Common Mistake #1

*Renting vs. Buying

*Equity Positioning 

*The Tax Fairy

​*A Hidden Savings Account

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