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Chapter Seven

*The Fourth Step to Owning a Home

*Standard Protection

*The Fifth Step to Owning a Home

*Common Mistake #9

*The Sixth Step to Owning a Home

*Tactics to Use

​*Common Mistake #10

Chapter Four 

*Financing Your Home

*Common Mistake #4

*Cast of Characters

*Pre-Qualifications vs. Pre-Approvals

*Credit Scores

*Income, Debt and Ratio

*Loan Programs and DPA Programs 

*Avoid Getting Ripped Off: Good Faith    Estimates

Chapter Three

*Agency Laws

*The Horror of Dual Agency

*Ego and Greed

*Real Estate Websites

*Common Mistake #3

*The First Step to Owning a Home

Chapter Two

*Odd Marketing Used to Deceive You

*Methods Used to Collect Information

*Managing Brokers and Real Estate Agents

*Common Mistake #2

*How Real Estate Brokers Are Compensated 

Chapter One

*The Market: Past and Present Conditions

*Same Price, Better Home

*Common Mistake #1

*Renting vs. Buying

*Equity Positioning 

*The Tax Fairy

​*A Hidden Savings Account

Washington State Educational Homebuyer Course

Home Buying Process Explained 

We're leveling the playing field for

Washington State home buyers.

We've broken down the home buying process into seven chapters. Each chapter is important and was specifically designed to help guide you through the home buying process; which includes how to obtain financing.  We will discuss what you should embrace and avoid when purchasing a home, and an overview of the affordable housing programs.  Below is a brief outline of what will be discussed in our class.  ​Purchasing a home is not an easy process.  Washington Housing Association is homebuyer education.  We recommend that you attend our homebuyer seminar before you make an offer on your home. 

Chapter Six

*Common Mistake #6

*When You Snooze, You Lose

*Common Mistake #7

*The Third Step to Owning a Home

​*Common Mistake #8

*Seller's Compensation

Chapter Five

*The Second Step to Owning a Home

*Tricks and Methods When Searching for a    Home

*Common Mistake #5

*Buying New Construction

*What They Don't Want You to Know

*The Old Ways

*Timely Notice

​*Window-shopping Methods