Housing Academy

Housing Education

What is the benefit?

We make your housing dreams a reality!

Each step in the home buying process will be revealed. We train our students how to recognize common tricks and methods used in the real estate industry. We also discuss many financing options, including downpayment assistance and first mortgage programs. 

Our classes are designed using feedback from past attendees. You will be able to interact with fellow students and ask your instructors questions specific to your individual circumstances.

Is it personal?

What is the benefit?

All classes are void of any sales-tactics. We do not sell or distribute your information. We provide you with the tools, current market conditions, and an understanding of the home buying process, so that you will make educated decisions when purchasing your home. 

Is the class free?

Empower Yourself!


Learning is a lifelong process that extends beyond the classroom. Washington Housing Association gives real life scenarios of what to expect when purchasing a home in the state of Washington.  We provide you the tools and information that will save you time, money and grief.

At Washington Housing Association, we focus on education that’s far-reaching.  By  combining experienced industry professionals with tried-and-true teaching methods, we equip our students with a solid foundation for becoming homeowners.  You will learn to avoid certain mistakes and pitfalls that home buyers typically make.  We bring the information to you in a safe environment with no sales-pitches. There

is nothing to buy so leave your wallet at home.  

Are you ready to start on your path to homeownership?